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Finance Director

  2019-11-04     Covenant Church     4005 Corey Rd  

Covenant Church Finance Director:

  • This is a full-time exempt position.
  • This position reports directly to the Covenant Executive Director (ED).
  • The position is responsible for the overall management of all financial transactions for Covenant Church, Covenant Preschool, and associated 501c3 organizations.
  • This position is responsible for managing the stewardship of financial resources, overseeing cash flow planning, preparing and reviewing budgets, plus tracking and forecasting models and metrics. This position is responsible for ensuring the management of the church’s resources in the most beneficial way to help maximize its funding.

Primary Responsibilities include:

  1. Maintaining accountability records.
  2. Supervising the Finance team.
  3. Managing the budget generation process with each ministry and support area ensuring a balanced budget.
  4. Supporting the monthly Finance Board meeting and when requested the monthly Council meetings.
  5. Looking for and making recommendations to the ED for spending and budget efficiencies in order to save funds where applicable.
  6. Facilitating the quarterly and annual contribution statement mailings. Ensuring all funds are accounted for in a proper manner.
  7. Making recommendations for improving best financial practices.
  8. Monitoring and evaluating Covenant’s financial processes.
  9. Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations at the federal and state level.
  10. Overseeing the controls for accountability to protect the church’s assets while providing a budgeting framework to achieve the mission and vision of Covenant.

The Successful Candidate should:

  1. Understand resource allocation, budgeting, budget projecting, and expenditures.
  2. Have a keen understanding of asset allocation and prioritization of needs.
  3. Be business minded with a Servant leadership heart.
  4. Be dependable, able to work with people and be achievement oriented.
  5. Understand that a significant attention to detail is necessary.
  6. Have the ability to interpret and apply an understanding of key financial indicators to make decisions.
  7. Have the ability to make sense of complex financial information and explain this information to laity and church council.
  8. Have an in-depth knowledge of accounting and risk management tools.
  9. Have the ability to communicate financial issues effectively and make well thought out recommendations to resolve complex financial problems.
  10. Instill trust by gaining the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity and authenticity.
  11. Strive to establish the most effective and efficient process to get things done with a focus on continuous improvement.
  12. Keep accountability at the forefront.
  13. Have problem solving and decision-making abilities and be a critical thinker.
  14. Have proven organizational skills, and
  15. Be a member or become a member of Covenant Church within 1 year of employment.

Education and Experience

A minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience as a leader of accounting/finance in a medium sized enterprise (50+ employees).

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required; a master’s in finance/accounting/business administration is preferred.

The candidate must demonstrate: an equipper orientation; being a servant leader, a Christ-like attitude; and a leader-of-leaders. More specific attributes include:

  1. A heart for Christ that is evidenced daily.
  2. If married, a strong Christ centered marriage and family life that is visible to all.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to write and speak persuasively.
  4. A strong biblical foundation for wise management of Covenant financial assets.
  5. Personal initiative and diligence to ensure completion of tasks and goals.
  6. Ability to maintain appropriate standards for accountability in striving for excellence.
  7. Solid biblical convictions that align with the Bible and the Covenant Honor Code.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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