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Lead Teacher - Two Year Old Specialist

  2019-10-21     Little Sunshines Learning Center     615 Country Club Drive  


The Lead Teacher is responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate preschool program in accordance with all relevant legislation, policies, and procedures.


The Lead Teacher will be responsible for planning and implementing a program to teach young children. They must ensure the development and safety of these children in accordance with relevant federal and state legislation and policies. The Lead Teacher will be respectful of children and parents, and ensure that equipment and facilities are clean, safe, and well maintained. Failure to provide adequate services may place children at risk.


1. Develop and implement a developmentally appropriate preschool program for young children

Main Activities:

- Plan and implement activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the children in the program.

- Provide nutritious snacks and lunches

- Provide adequate equipment and activities

- Ensure equipment and the facility are clean,well maintained and safe at all times

- Provide weekly and monthly schedules of activities

- Doors & bulletin boards need to updated on a monthly basis

- Free art is to be done daily

- Planned/Creative art is to be done at least once a week

- Planned/Creative art for the following holidays need to be presented and approved by the director two weeks before the art project is completed: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, & Christmas.

- Develop culturally appropriate programs and activities

- Develop age appropriate activities that introduce math and literacy concepts

- Adhere to LSLC’s policies and procedures including acceptable disciplinary policies

- Be familiar with emergency procedures

- Develop and maintain current, accurate, and confidential client files

2. Supervise children in the Two Year Old Room

Main Activities:

- Ensure children are supervised at all times

- Provide various experiences and activities for children including songs, games, and story telling

- Build children’s esteem

- Comfort children

- Establish routines and provide positive guidance

- Provide a safe and secure environment for children to feel comfortable

- Implement positive discipline when required

- Clearly and effectively communicate in a manner that children understand

- Observe children and make note of progress

- Integrate special needs children in a positive and respectful manner

3. Communicate with parents

Main Activities:

- Discuss children’s development with parents

- Discuss identified problems and needs with professionals as appropriate

- Communicate to the parent things that they can implement at home that may help make their child’s experience at the daycare better.

- Promote literacy and early education

4. Perform other related duties as required


1. Knowledge/Requirements

The Lead Teacher must have proficient knowledge and must meet requirements in the following areas:

- Child development and early education theories and practices. Lead Teachers are required to be enrolled in the Lead Teacher Credential Class within the first six months after hire date and have it completed by the end of that year. (EDU 119 is offered at Pitt Community College).

- Safe and appropriate activities for children

- Relevant legislation, policies, and procedures to ensure that children are supervised and safe at all times

- Criminal Background will need to be updated every 3 years

- CPR & First Aid Certifications need to be current

- Training hours to be completed each year

- 8hours of training will be needed per year if an employee has a 4 or 2-year degree. Every three months after their hire date they will be required to complete 2 hours of training.

- 10 hours of training will be needed per year if an employee does not have a 4 or 2-year degree. Every three months after hire date they will be required to complete 2.5 hours of training.

- All supplemental forms & certifications reflecting hours of training completed will be given to the director.

2. Skills

The Lead Teacher must demonstrate the following skills:

- Team Building Skills

- Supervisory Skills

- Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

- Decision Making Skills

- Effective verbal and listening communications skills

- Stress management skills

- Teaching Skills

3. Personal Attributes

The Lead Teacher must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of Learning Center Worker. The Lead Teacher must also demonstrate the following attributes:

- Be Respectful

- Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity

- Be Flexible

- Demonstrate sound work ethics

- Be consistent and fair

- Be compassionate and understanding

-Be able to build esteem while ensuring as safe and secure environment

- Be on time – All employees are required to enter through the front door of the main building using their assigned key fob the start of their shift and upon returning from lunch.

Working Conditions:

1. Physical Demands

Caring for children can be physically demanding. The Lead Teacher may be lifting and carrying children and equipment, and may spend time sitting on the floor or child sized furniture. The Lead Teacher will be expected to clean and maintain equipment and facility, and may move throughout the community with children. The Leader Teacher may come in contact with children who are ill and/or contagious, and must take precautions to ensure the health and safety of all children, parents, staff and themselves.

2. Environmental Conditions

The Lead Teacher will be working in a busy and occasionally noisy environment. There may be a number of activities and situations happening at once, and the Lead Teacher will have to supervise all children at all times.

3. Sensory Demands

The Lead Teacher may experience smells associated with toileting and children who are ill. There may be times that the environment is noisy and busy.

4. Mental Demands

Caring for children can be stressful. The Lead Teacher must ensure that children are supervised at all times, and that children are involved in safe and appropriate activities. There may be a number of situations happening at once, and the Lead Teacher must be prepared to handle accidents and emergencies at any time.

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