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  2019-03-05     Aces for Autism      PO Box 3986  

JOB TITLE: Director of Operations/Development 

ACES for AUTISM is a non-public, not-for-profit organization established in 2014 to help children with autism gain access to doctor recommended therapies in eastern North Carolina. A Christian based organization, our mission is to help all children with autism spectrum disorder reach their full potential using evidence based practices in the field of autism treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and their families.

The Director of Operations provides oversight to the operations (facilities, human resources, and security) and staff by developing systems, budgets, strategic plans, activities, and processes that help each of these achieve the purpose of Aces for Autism. Job will require 50 – 60 hours per week with some nights and weekends.


● Annually assist co-founders in developing and executing a strategic plan with goals and activities for the clinic and administration staff’

● Create an annual comprehensive development plan and development budget

● Annually develop and execute operational and clinic budgets and review monthly with each

   team member

● Lead bi-weekly operational and clinic departments meetings

- Review strategic plan activities

- Review weekly billable hours  

- Review monthly fiscal budget

- Review weekly services

- Review upcoming calendar and events

● Attend monthly meeting with Board President and/or co-founders

- Report strategic plan activities for operational and clinic departments

-Review monthly staff billable hours

- Review monthly fiscal budget for financial aid program

- Review upcoming calendar and events

● Attend yearly planning retreat to develop strategic plan with co-founders and board


● Oversee and manage all facility budgets and operations

● Attend monthly staff meetings

●Assist with identification of facility space and capital development

● Assist co-founders in executing public functions (fundraisers, speaking engagements,                                                    

   media activities, etc.)


● Expertise in non-profit/business growth and keeping up-to-date with the most successful, current methodologies

● Verifiable interpersonal skills, especially in empowering, motivating, delegating, coordinating,

    and evaluating staff to achieve the purpose and vision of Aces for Autism

● Demonstrated ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts within a staff dynamic

● Excellent computer and communication skills

● A people person who is also able to manage multiple ongoing projects

● A skillful negotiator, able to find the best possible deal

● Able to analyze data, gather feedback, and execute a decision efficiently

● Loyal, dedicated, and able to commit to the vision, strategy, and values of Aces for


● A person who takes pride in excellence and is always willing to go the extra mile

● Innovative, proactive, resourceful and an effective problem solver

● Detail-oriented with strong administrative/organizational skills and demonstrated ability to

   handle multiple priorities simultaneously

● Successful experience in growth strategies, site modification/construction, and satellite

   establishment/ongoing operations

● Proven experience in leadership of day-to-day operations of a large organization, paid staff,

    and volunteers


● Experience as an executive in a non-profit or operations management in business would be ideal for this position

● Experience operations for business is strongly preferred

● Experience in management of 25+ employees is strongly recommended

● Experience in non-profit law and human resources preferred

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