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Greensville Career Fair Strategies

Over the course of your search you may want to consider taking a look at career fairs. When you are applying for Greenville jobs, these events can offer previously unknown career opportunities and give you a chance to meet recruiters. Job fairs, however, require their own level of strategy and planning, so here are the steps you should follow when you pay a visit to one.

1. Research the job fair: always take some time to check out which companies and organizations will have booths at the fair. If there are some companies that you think are suitable for your background and skills, find out as much about them as you can, and prioritize which company representatives you want to speak with.

2. Dress and act professionally: The Wall Street Journal recommends treating the job fair like a job interview. That is, dress (business attire) and act like you would for an interview, and do the sort of preparation you would do before one. It is also common for recruiters to put you through a proto-interview when you talk to them, so it is important to be prepared. These can also help you for the real interview if the company is interested.

3. Don’t be shy: talking to new people, especially to people who could have sway over your employment, can be frightening for some people. If you are someone who feels that way, it is important to overcome that fear. Talking to recruiters and getting your name out there is entirely the point of career fairs, and if you don’t do that, then you are wasting your time.

By Kyle Wise

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