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Useful Tips for Phone Interviews

If you make it to the interview stage, you won’t always get the luxury of having it face-to-face. While phone interviews aren’t all that different from in-person ones in many respects, there are still some additional factors you should take into account. When you are applying for jobs in Greenville, here are some tips you should remember if you interview over the phone, courtesy of Andrew G. Rosen at U.S. News.

1. Have your resume and some notes with you: having a physical copy of your resume in front of you during a phone interview allows you to reference it during the call (and whoever you’re talking to will probably be looking at it too) and will keep you focused. Having some notes will also remind you of questions you want to ask or certain matters you want to talk about. Rosen recommends having physical copies of these things if you don’t have access to a computer.

2. Make the call at home: making the call from your own home puts you in a relatively controlled environment with fewer distractions, which is the ideal place for a phone interview.

3. Be prepared: according to Rosen, it is best to be ready (with all of your materials) at least five minutes before the call comes in. He also says that interviewers may call early to test candidates.

4. Be mindful of your body language: despite the fact that you aren’t physically in the room with your interviewer, body language is still a factor in the phone interview. Rosen suggests finding a middle ground with your body; don’t move around too much and don’t stay too still.

By Kyle Wise

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