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Finding Greenville Job Recruiters

Job recruiters are those who seek out qualified individuals for open positions. When you apply for jobs in Greenville, making a connection with a job recruiter can relieve you of some of the burden of the job search. Connecting with a recruiter isn’t easy, however. Recruiters often receive hundreds (and, depending on the area or the public availability of the recruiter's information, sometimes even thousands) of emails a week. If you plan on using the services of a job recruiter, here are a few tips on how to find one and stand out from the crowd.

1. Begin with recruiter directories: there are many online recruiter directories at your disposal. Some of them are offered free of charge, while others will charge a fee. The Wall Street Journal recommends visiting RileyGuide.com, which lists recruiter directors, among other resources. According to The Journal, fee-based directories tend to be “more up-to-date and offer better search options.”

2. Attend career fairs: job recruiters often frequent career fairs, which provide opportunities to immediately meet with a recruiter face-to-face. This makes them more advantageous then sending out mass emails. See our “Career Fair Strategies” article for tips on how to make the best of these events.

3. Be selective: avoid the temptation of submitting emails to every recruiter you can find. Look for recruiters who work in areas you are interested. Dana Leavy, a small business and career consultant at AspyreSolutions.com, says it’s best to “identify one or two recruiters that specialize in your field and start to build relationships with them.”

4. Cultivate loyalty: don’t build up a relationship with recruiters and then discard or forget about them as soon as you’ve gotten an interview. Going back to them and building up loyalty will get you farther. Rebecca Meissner, a recruitment specialist at BranchOut.com, says “The more you go back to them, the faster they'll want to help you find a job.”

By Kyle Wise

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